Engineering Innovations

The engineering innovations of the SURE HOUSE share a common thread by responding to the need for sustainable, resilient homes along the NY and NJ shores. Our team is not only designing a “islanding” Solar PV array which is capable of producing energy even when the utility grid has been damaged or disconnected, but also produces more than enough clean energy throughout the year to cover the home’s already small energy use. Through the use of thick insulation, rigorous air-sealing, smart construction techniques, and high-performance windows, the SURE HOUSE exceeds the strict Passive House standard for energy use.

And while the home will sip energy thanks to this smart design, the SURE HOUSE team has also devised durable water-tight construction details, and an innovative storm-resistant shutter which allows the SURE HOUSE to stay safe during coastal storm events. This combination of low energy use and storm-resistant construction lead to a truly Sustainable + Resilient home.


Ultra-Low Energy Consumption

The SURE HOUSE redefines the notion of SUstainability by consuming up to 90% less energy than a typical home.


Highly Efficient Envelope

We are striving to achieve the most stringent energy efficient building standard in existence today – the Passive House standard.


Storm Resistant Construction

SURE HOUSE’s notion of storm proofing starts in the overall structure and works its way down to all of the details.


Storm Shutters

Our storm shutter system protects the SURE HOUSE against typical loadings as well as extreme loads experienced during intense storms. The multi-purpose shutters act as protection, a shading system, and as solar collectors.


Building Integrated Solar Panels

SURE HOUSE’s flood-resistant storm shutters are equipped with essential solar panels that collect sunlight when the shutters are open, collecting energy to power the hot water heater.


Resilient Hot Water System

Even when equipped with a roof full of solar modules to provide your home with energy, a severe weather event can disable the power grid infrastructure, preventing a grid-tied solar inverter from producing energy.


Resilient Power System

The SURE HOUSE solar-powered electrical system is resilient not only to storms and floods but the most common byproduct of the two – blackouts.


Durable Fiber-Composite Siding

Glass fiber composite structures have been developed in conjunction with storm resilient features in the SURE HOUSE.

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