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The SURE HOUSE team is made up of a diverse group of creative, dedicated students from across Stevens Institute of Technology, all supported by a committed group of industry and non-profit partners and sponsors. This multidisciplinary project, spanning 2 years, allows students to engage with the most pressing issues facing the building industry today, namely: how to create sustainable, beautiful, and resilient buildings. Through a rigorous ‘learning-by-doing’ approach, students, guided by committed faculty, are exposed to the design and engineering process in a unique way which allows them to develop innovative approaches to even the toughest of problems.

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SURE HOUSE is a new direction for coastal housing. Our home is a model for vulnerable shore communities and demonstrates new methods for building a safe, secure home. Innovative flood proofing and structural details allow our home to retain a connection with the street and the surrounding neighborhood. The home is designed to function well in winter and summer coastal conditions.

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More than 30 Graduate and Undergraduate students from across Stevens Institute of Technology make up the SURE HOUSE team. Architecture and engineering come together, with students working collaboratively to design the SURE HOUSE prototype.

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We rely on our generous industry partners to make this program possible. Together our partners support the educational enrichment of students in sustainability, innovation, and green technology. If you would like to hear more about the project or discuss how you or your organization can support our mission, please contact us.

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